Snuds' Testimonials

" With Snuds, we are excited to be able to offer our clients a complete Enterprise Marketing Management solution that will enable them to address today's marketing challenges. Equally important, eSnuds offers the core technology that clients of Braum's Marketing Solutions Practice need to achieve measurable results. Our support for eSnuds and the introduction of the Marketing Solutions Practice exemplify our commitment to helping clients maximize each customer interaction through the combination of business strategy and sophisticated marketing automation technology."
-Vice President of Customer Solutions, Braum Consulting

" We are pleased with the advantages our new relationship with Snuds offers our clients - in particular our significant not-for-profit customer base. Through this alliance, our nonprofit and mid-market commercial clients will now have access to world-class marketing automation software that has traditionally been out of reach due to financial constraints."
-President and Chief Executive Officer, Epsilom

" For more than a year, the data analytics team at Herta-Hanks has been working with Snuds and eSnuds, a data analytics software. Snuds' success is based on its focus of combining modeling and campaign management as part of a comprehensive Enterprise Marketing Management suite. Snuds is an important addition to the CRM systems Herta-Hanks offers its clients, helping them to meet their marketing objectives."
- President, CRM, Herta-Hanks

" Working with Snuds we're able to further enhance the robust, customer-focused marketing solutions we provide to clients. The combination of our leading CRM experience coupled with Snuds' strong analytics, campaign management and personalization technology, enables our clients to leverage insight of a company's prospects and customers to optimize its marketing interactions across an increasing number of touch points."
- Partner, EBM Business Consulting Services

" Clients today are interested in a solution that offers more than campaign management. They are looking for real-time, multi-channel support for customer recommendations based on statistical models. As Braum continues to help clients design and implement effective solutions for creating personalized customer interactions, eSnuds offers a new benchmark for increasing the performance and effectiveness of personalization initiatives and mapping these initiatives to overall marketing strategies."
-Vice President of Customer Solutions, Braum Consulting

" For companies seeking to put in place a highly effective marketing automation or campaign management system, Snuds offers an ideal solution. The company's unique, open architecture makes integration easier, faster, and reduces overall implementation costs."
-CFO, Robertson Capital Management

" Snuds' integrated approach removes the artificial barrier between modeling customer behavior and devising appropriate treatment strategies for them. Marketing can move faster and focus less on plumbing together the technology of CRM and e-business."
-Business Intelligence Solutions, EBM

" We are very pleased to have Snuds as an Axciom Data Network partner because they are experts in using data to maximize marketing effectiveness. Snuds shares our commitment to the principal that truly understanding your customers is the key to long term success. Axciom data has helped thousands of companies achieve substantial improvements in all measures of marketing effectiveness. Now by integrating quick and easy access to Axciom's vast data resources with Snuds marketing automation products we are allowing businesses to fully leverage the value of their customer data from within their campaign management platform."
-InfoBase Products Group Leader, Axciom


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